The mailboxes were the first thing I noticed.


One that looked like a rooster. One that was decorated with mosaic tiles. One that was shaped like a shark.


I started meeting neighborhood cats.


I came across tree stumps with animals carved into them. And fairy gardens next to tree trunks.


I stumbled onto a display of irons stacked in a pyramid, with antlers at the top.


I saw more pink flamingos than I had ever realized adorned Boulder yards.


I borrowed books from some of the many Little Free Libraries. (Did you know that LFL No. 2 is right here in Boulder?)


I saw patterns, and funny juxtapositions, and symmetry, and beauty.


And I started photographing all of it, and gradually I ended up with a collection of photos that reveal the interestingness of a place that has been close to my heart for close to three decades.


I hope my photos evoke a strong sense of place—going beyond beautiful images of the Flatirons and making viewers feel like they know Boulder just a little bit better than they did before.

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