I have loved sharing photos from my walks with those of you who follow me on Instagram.

So many of you have been liking and commenting and messaging me about the same things that I get excited about when I take the photos—how cool a piece of street art is, how fun someone’s clever lawn décor is, all the friendly cats.


Most of the photos that I share, I’ve shared in IG stories, which means they disappear after a day. But now I am putting together a book featuring some of my (and your) favorites so they can live on for longer than 24 hours.


I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign later this year that will serve as a sort of pre-order system. You’ll be able to back the project at a price that gets you a copy of the book as soon as it is printed (among other things).


SIGN UP to get notified when the book is about to launch. I will be offering the book at a slightly lower price for those who back the project within the first few hours, before I launch it publicly to the rest of the world.

Get notified about the @yeahkaren photo book before it launches!

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