Winter trifecta

Last Sunday I hiked Boulder’s three tallest peaks from south to north—tallest to shortest—with the Boulder Hiker Chicks, an awesome local hiking group that I discovered this fall. We covered over 11 miles and 4200 ft of elevation gain in about 8 hours.

This is the kind of hike that sort of makes you feel like a badass. Until guys in shorts run past you. On multiple peaks.

We had perfect weather—clear, sunny day, blue skies. It was cold when we started and chilly if you stopped moving for long, so we never sat down to eat snacks or anything crazy like that. Eat as you go.

I totally loved this hike and this whole day. It was so beautiful out. We had amazing views. We didn’t see too many other people. Except all those runners who do this in shorts.

The sun had just come over the horizon when I dropped off my car at Chautauqua where we were finishing. Then I got a ride from there to the trailhead with another hiker chick.

Waiting at the trailhead for the last people to arrive. It was 12 degrees, and really too cold to be just standing around. Luckily we didn’t have to wait too long.

Some of you may remember the fires here the summer of 2012, that summer that we were here for three months. Remnants of that fire.

Final push to the top of the first peak!

We made it! The view from 8549 feet.

The view toward Bear Peak (the pointy one) and Green Mountain (the one to its left), where we are headed next.

Nearing the top of Bear.

We were hiking at our own speeds, so we were all kind of spaced out by this point. The front-runners had waited for us at the top of South Boulder Peak so we could do a group photo, but as soon as we did the pic, they left, and those of us who had just gotten there hung out a bit taking pics. So when we got to Bear Peak, several of our group were already on top and about to head down.

Our fearless and awesome leaders.


Looking down Bear to Boulder.

On our way to Green now.

And somehow I didn’t get any pics on my real camera at the top of Green. Chalk it up to exhaustion. Someone else took a group summit photo. Here we are on our way back down Green.


We finished up with a celebratory meal at Chautauqua Dining Hall. Overall, an incredible day.


mary otto - Fabulous pictures and write up! Glad you had fun, that kind of exhaustion is so rewarding 🙂January 14, 2016 – 12:26 pm

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