The Hixes before 8am


This is Nicole saying, “Oh that’s right, you ARE just going to photograph everything I do.”



What happens in your house before 8am? And do you think it’s interesting or beautiful?

First in a series of posts about what happens before 8am in people’s homes.

This is my friend Nicole, her husband, Sam, and their three kids–a 7yo and twins who are 4 1/2. Their last name is Hix…they call the twins the “Twix.” This particular morning the twins were getting ready for camp and the 7yo was getting ready for swim team.

Colie - I love this series. Truth be told in my house we tend to sleep until at least 8am, but before 10am would be fabulous!July 6, 2014 – 8:42 am

Kelsey | Las Vegas Portrait Photographer - Love these real moments you captured xoxoJuly 6, 2014 – 6:42 pm

Emily Rainsford - Oh my, I cannot tell you how much I love these! So real life, so perfect. Love love love!!July 8, 2014 – 7:56 pm

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