Day-in-the-life sessions

A day in the life (DITL) session is exactly what it sounds like. Photos that document the unscripted moments that make up your day.

You think your day is too ordinary to make interesting photos? Think again. Life’s perfect moments don’t happen when you plan for them…they come in between. I will show you how awesome your in between moments look every day.

I want to show you the beauty I see in your ordinary moments. You may not think of them as beautiful, and you probably don’t usually get out your camera to take a picture of them, because they are so ordinary. It’s easy to remember to take photos of the big moments—the first day of school, the first steps, the birthdays—but it’s precisely because those everyday moments are so ordinary that they are beautiful. The big events may punctuate your life, but the everyday moments ARE your life.

It’s photos of your day, with you in them, as you do all the things you do. Getting up, making breakfast, checking your email. Getting ready for work, cooking, changing diapers, napping, eating bonbons. If you need to go to the store, I go too. You think it sounds weird but that’s because you haven’t seen my pictures yet.

You get a different view of your life, one you don’t get to see because you’re in the middle of it all. And even as you are living every day right now, I think you will be surprised at how your life looks through my camera lens.

Think of something fun you do every day. Think of something mundane you do every day. Think of something you hate doing. And then something you look forward to doing. Will it look the same in pictures as it does in your mind?

And after the photo session, I’m going to make the photos into a coffee table book that you are going to want to keep looking at over and over. A book of your beautiful everyday. I already know it’s interesting.

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