Newborn again, in color

I know I don’t update this enough! I’m going to start, I swear. I’m vowing to be a more prolific poster starting today.

I love love love photographing newborns! They are so tiny, and they grow so fast. I don’t think most first-time parents really appreciate the tiny-ness (I know I didn’t!) while it’s there. One day you look back and go, “No way. Was he really that little??” I want to capture this tiny-ness, because even one month later, that baby won’t look the same at all.

And a note to anyone thinking about newborn photos: within the first two weeks of life is the best time to capture the “curled” look. Call me when you’re still pregnant so I can pencil you in for the time around your due date. I come to YOU, because I know how tough it is to get out of the house those first few days.

Okay, on with the photos. These are from the same newborn session as the ones in the last post, in color this time. He’s 11 days old here.

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