This past week I was in Nashville for the annual photographers’ convention called Imaging USA. It was three very full days of going to classes and visiting booths at the expo and attending parties. I saw some fantastic speakers–like wedding photographers Dane Sanders, Joe Buissink, and Jose Villa–who gave inspiring talks and gave me lots to think about. I also ate fried pickles for the first time ever. (Pretty tasty.)

The convention was at the Opryland Resort, which was a crazy hotel. It is huge and easily rivals anything in Vegas. The only thing missing was the casino. (And in fact it felt so much like Vegas to me that after I got back I accidentally referred to it as Vegas a couple times, leading my husband to suspect that I hadn’t been at a photo convention at all but instead had snuck off to Vegas without him. Haha.) This hotel had several garden conservatories that made you feel like you were walking on paths outdoors, except you were still inside the hotel. The food in all the restaurants was overpriced (captive audience, I guess, it was possible but not easy to leave the resort)–I had some seriously expensive sushi in front of waterfall that was served in takeout containers. What is up with that? At least for that price I should be paying for nice presentation. Am I right?

My roommate at the hotel was my friend Blonnie, a photographer who lives in Delaware. We laughed a lot and took a lot of goofy pictures of each other. The one below was a random shot she took of me that she probably wouldn’t even have thought was worth sharing, but it turned out to be one of my favorites.

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