More visitors

We had more visitors this week. It’s funny…after living in places that I consider way more exciting to visit, I thought no one would want to visit us in Houston. But people have been coming anyway. So I guess I owe the city of Houston an apology for assuming that it was so unexciting that everyone would stay away. It also helps that we have an entire guest room now and we no longer have to make our friends and family sleep on the couch or floor, which is where they’ve been sleeping when they visited for the past 8 years.

This week it was Jeff’s cousin and his wife and son who came to visit from Colorado. They nearly ended up living here themselves a few years ago–Josh is a pilot and he had just gotten hired at Continental (which is based here) when September 11 happened, and they laid him off before he even started. So they stayed in Colorado after all.

While they were here, we took the kids to a mall with an two-story indoor carousel, which was a little bit scary to them at first but in the end they both liked it.

And we also did a lot of hanging out at the house, playing fun games like rock-Josh-in-the-recliner.

On second thought, you can totally see why people keep coming to visit us, yes?

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