Kelly before 8am


This is Kelly, the woman who owns & runs the Houston Moms Blog.

Her son was born with a defect called an omphalocele, which situation in which the abdominal wall does not close all the way and some of the organs develop outside of the body, attached in a sac. He spent some time in the NICU when he was first born, and then when he was a few months old he had surgery to put his stomach, liver, and intestines back inside his body and repair the omphalocele. (In just one surgery, which seems amazing to me.)

But he healed fine and has not had any other complications at all, and he’s now almost four years old. And he’s got a little sister now, as well.

Here’s what happens in Kelly’s house before 8am.

You can read what she says about her morning, too.

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