Jana before 8am

01-jana-before8am02-jana-before8am03-jana-before8am04-jana-before8amUm, can we talk about how awesome this baby’s hair is?!?


I’m partnering with an awesome local blog for moms to show what happens in the blog writers’ homes before 8am. To see this morning from Jana’s side, check out her post about it on the Houston Moms Blog.

Before 8AM {Jana} | Houston Moms Blog - […] I love how these pictures capture an ordinary morning in a special way. The details are so sweet. Tiny hands and feet that will soon grow bigger. The interactions between my children and me, and between sisters. I’m so grateful that Karen was able to come capture such ordinarily beautiful moments of me and my girls.  To read more from her perspective and to see even more of the stunning pictures she captured, be sure to check out her post here. […]November 20, 2014 – 6:01 am

a chilly day at kamp | pieces of life. » june & bear photography - […]         emma wood          caroline jensen          kirsty lamour          karen jacot          kristin dokoza          sarah vaughn          alice che         […]November 28, 2014 – 4:38 pm

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