Hannah before 8am


We did this session on Easter morning. Hannah has a really nice blog (hannahbunker.com if you want to check it out) where I spent a while the day before her shoot reading all about their lives, because her blog is gorgeous.

Why you might care about her. She’s a good writer. She has boy/girl twins that they adopted as newborns. She is a photographer herself and she works as the production manager for another photographer here in town. She has awesome style.

And then there’s the YELLOW KITCHEN TABLE. I totally loved this table, so there are a lot of shots at that table. Hannah told me she bought it from a blogger she follows who posted it for sale, and she grabbed it up right away.

She & her husband get up before the kids and have breakfast and coffee together first thing.

They had just had a deck installed in their backyard the day before, so they were excited to sit outside to drink their coffee.

The yellow table! Both kids turning to look at me! The dog under the table! I love everything about this picture.

When I followed her upstairs to her basket of clean but not-yet-put-away laundry, she said, “Well, this is real life, right?”


That’s what happens in Hannah’s house before 8am on a Sunday. Read what she wrote about her mornings in her post on the Houston Moms Blog.

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