Film Friday–week 9

For this week’s roll of film I did something different. I shot the entire roll in one day as a day-in-the-life project. I used all 37 frames from morning to night on Sunday. It took a little planning, since I had to make sure I had enough frames to capture all parts of the day without running out or having any shots left over at the end of the day.

I pulled out some of my favorites here, and the rest are at the end in thumbnails, in chronological order. My day included a kid’s birthday party at an art studio, a food truck festival called Haute Wheels (better in theory than in practice–every truck had really long lines and in four hours we only managed to get food from two trucks! plus it was hot and I got sunburned–but the food we had was SO GOOD, I will be seeking out these food trucks in the future), and tacos for dinner on our back deck.

All on expired Fuji NPH.


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