Film Friday–week 7

More film. Here are some of my favorites from this week’s roll. Some of these were shot out the window of the car (from the passenger seat) as we sped down the highway on a quick weekend trip to Dallas. (Even though we’d just been there a few days before…) I tried to keep the shutter speed fast enough to stop the motion of the car going 70mph. I kept it around 1/2000th or 1/4000th.

Some of these I loved at first glance. Like the one of my bed at night (which I shot with the camera on a tripod at 1/6th of second shutter speed, by the way). I am seriously in love with how this film handles tungsten light. And some of them I expected to love as I photographed them, but the image that came back on the CD wasn’t what I had envisioned. Still figuring out this film thing.


heidi - yay film friday!!! I really need to do this too…so inspired!May 6, 2011 – 6:17 pm

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