Film Friday–week 4

This week’s film pics. I am already getting a little bored with just taking random photos when I’m out. I’ve been trying to get variety on each roll, but that’s not at all how I shoot digital. I don’t take just one picture of something. Ever. So while I appreciate that film is making me think and be a little more deliberate about shooting, I don’t think I need to limit myself quite so much as I have been. Next week’s images may be a little more cohesive. Or they may not. I have no idea yet. I’m just babbling.

I’m still having doubts about Walgreen’s scanning quality. Some of this roll’s images, taken in similar lighting, came out pretty different–one way more contrasty than the other. I need to find someplace else to try.

Putting my favorite image of the week as the last one again. On the right side. Click on the thumbnails at the end to see the rest of the roll. (Also, a couple pics down, that’s my grandmother. She’s turning 90 this year.)


ester - Hiya, I just wanted to comment and say how great I think these are! You have a really good eye.
Best wishes
Ester (from ILP)April 10, 2011 – 1:11 am

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