curious lyle

It was 2006. I was pregnant and living with my husband in San Diego.

Hundreds of miles from our nearest family members.

It was our first baby. It was the first grandchild on both sides.

We wanted to be able to share him with far-away family and friends as he grew.

Inspiration hit: I would take a photo of him every single day and post it on a photoblog. Just one single image. Daily.

It started out as a way to share photos with people we couldn’t see as often as we’d have liked, but it became a way for me to focus on the little moments and find something interesting about each day that was worth photographing.

I do it as much for myself as I do for the people who now watch that site to keep up with his life and how he changes.

It does not necessarily show the most exciting thing he did each day, or the cutest moment I could catch.

It shows one little slice of his day.

You can view all of the photos at