Christmas in Colorado

Thank dog for Amazon. We shipped all the gifts to my MIL’s house, and then brought an extra suitcase with us for bringing home gifts. And it WORKED! We managed to fit everything in suitcases for the flight home.


I’m resolving to start writing more in this blog, instead of just posting pictures without words, after reading the posts that the Houston Moms Bloggers have been writing about the “Before 8am” project. Their writing adds so much to the photos that they’ve inspired me to write more myself. To give a little more context with the images when I post them.

For Christmas we went to Denver, as we do every even-numbered year. Evergreens, mountains, dry air, the crispness of the cold air…I love everything about Colorado. I love the sun shining on the white snow, the snow falling and blowing around us. Even the sub-zero temperatures that we had for several days. I love the layers and the winter clothes.

I love that our trip started with Santa showing up at our gate in the Houston airport.

Hope you all had a great holiday too.

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