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New favorite!!

Last week my good friend Deborah was in town visiting from Oregon and asked me to photograph her daughter. First there was the novelty of photographing someone old enough to follow direction and look at the camera when I asked (wish I could get my toddler to do that!). Second, she’s gorgeous, and who doesn’t want to photograph pretty people? And third, ohmydog will you look at this picture?? I think this might be my new all-time favorite portrait I’ve taken.

I also love this one of her jumping.

Four months old

I was in Dallas over the holidays, and while I was there I managed to squeeze in a photo shoot with a new little Texan.

This little guy was a total trooper, letting me move him all around and place him in a bunch of different spots and never complaining once. He did start to get a little tired of the whole thing by the end, but not before I’d gotten a few cute photos of his adorable baby self!

Something different

Last week I had a chance to try something I hadn’t done before…night portraits. This couple was in town for a conference, and the only free time they had was in the evening. So we decided to try some nighttime portraits, lit entirely by my flash and the lights in Seaport Village (a little village of shops and restaurants on the waterfront). It was definitely a challenge, but here are my favorites from the session.

Kellie again

Another photo shoot with Kellie, but this time with just her and her husband, sans kids. We did the shoot at Presidio Park, an awesome park located on a hill next to Old Town. These two were taken next to the museum on the grounds.

Mark was inspired by the “Private” sign painted next to this door to act out a scene in which I was the paparazzi sneaking shots of the two of them.

A San Francisco shoot

I had a chance to photograph my brother when I visited him in San Francisco. We found a couple of great spots for photos right on his street.