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Moms’ night out

Last night I went out with some other moms of toddlers–without the toddlers. It was a nice break from toddlerhood, but what do moms do when they get together? Talk about their toddlers. Of course!

We went to happy hour at the wine bar in our neighborhood and sat on the patio, enjoying a fantastic spring day in San Diego. Of course, I brought my camera. (Sometimes I think I should get a little pocket-sized point-and-shoot so I don’t have to lug my big beast of a Nikon around to events like this…)

And we were still there long after the sun set…

And I don’t know if we all had a little too much to drink or what, but by the end of the night there was talk of doing a group toddler photo shoot at the beach…with ALL the toddlers, together, in one spot. It’ll be like herding cats, but boy it will be cute!!!


I flew to Dallas yesterday for a long weekend, but my luggage took a side trip without me. My toddler got airsick and threw up on me as we were landing (thank DOG it was only at the very end) and I had no clothes to change into! It wasn’t really as bad as it sounds, but I was missing my luggage last night for sure.

This morning I got up early and MAN was it cold! I had a series of photo shoots this morning up at a park in Allen, and the first ones were definitely chilly, but luckily it warmed up quickly. I met some super cute kids today, and I am SO EXCITED about the photos I got of them. Thanks to everyone who came out for photos! I think I got some great shots. I can’t wait to start proofing these (once I get back home). I’ll share a few here for sure.

Happy Saturday!


I was playing around with my macro lens this week. I rarely put it on the camera anymore since I’m so often taking people pictures and I prefer other lenses for portraits, but it was fun to focus on getting really close up to nature a bit.

A trip to the Anza-Borrego Desert

This week we’ve been doing a lot of fun things with Lyle’s grandma, who is in town for the week. On Wednesday my husband took the day off work (this is SO rare!) and we took a drive into the Anza-Borrego Desert for the day. It’s desert wildflower season, and there were lots of cactuses blooming. It’s also not unbearably hot yet, but it’s still hotter than the beach. (It was nice to return home to our pleasant beach weather that night!)

The view from the gas station as I filled up just to be safe for the drive back through to the other side of the desert…check out those gas prices!

Not a portrait

I love Daylight Savings Time! I love it so much I don’t even mind losing that hour on Sunday, because having the light last later into the evening is glorious. We went to the park with our toddler yesterday evening, and as we got home I loved how the light was hitting this flower in front of our building. Happy Daylight Savings, everyone!