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Scott & Ashley

My brother and his girlfriend were in Houston over New Year’s, visiting from San Francisco, and while they were here they asked me to take some pictures of the two of them. We shot these on New Year’s Eve, about an hour before sunset, in Rice Village, a little shopping area next to Rice. I don’t usually photograph adults, and in some ways I find it harder than shooting kids because it can be harder to get them to relax and act natural and not look too stiff. (Hard for me, anyway–this is the area I most want to work on–making people feel relaxed in front of the camera so we can get photos that really show their personalities.) But in other ways, wow…people who do exactly what you ask! They move where you want them; they stay still when you want them to! It was a nice change of pace from chasing kids around. 🙂

He made me work for it

Today I had my first photo shoot since moving to Houston! Yay! I am excited to get back into the swing of things. This 17-month-old gave me about 30 minutes to photograph him this morning. I had forgotten how hard this age is to photograph. Too young to really cooperate at all, but old enough to want to run everywhere and never stay where I tried to put him. And after half an hour of running around with me, he was done.

I’ve been in the mood for b&w lately, but he has the biggest, bluest eyes so I had to include at least one in color here.

Holiday cards

It’s the end of September, and time is totally getting away from me. It’s time to start thinking about the holidays. I’ve got some gorgeous card designs this year that are available with new photo sessions and to any clients with past sessions that have images they’d like to use from those sessions. These cards are press-printed, which means they’re printed like the regular Hallmark-type greeting cards, NOT on photo paper. (Like my holiday cards last year, for those who remember them.)

I am offering 16 different cards this year. All cards are 5×7 and have corresponding backs. The cost is $40 per set of 25. They come with white envelopes.

Here are samples of three of them (you can see I started putting photos in my samples but it was getting too time-consuming, so I quit partway through). You can see all of the designs (front and back) in my holiday card gallery.

New tricks

For a few weeks, Lyle has liked it when we fold his fingers so he can hold up two of them to show his age. If you asked him, “How old are you?” (or even “What is your name?”) he would hold out his hand to me and say, “More two,” which meant, of course, that he wanted me to make his fingers into a two.

But now he has learned how to do it himself, and he is VERY proud of this trick.

A tribute to San Diego

We left San Diego last Friday. I didn’t really dwell on saying goodbye to it as a place since I was caught up in the details of moving. On our last morning there, at the forefront of my mind was keeping the cat as comfortable as possible (he threw up about three times on our flights–it was gross) and keeping the tot from wreaking too much havoc. He’s flown a fair bit for a two-year-old…this was his 20th flight already. And I experienced both my best moments flying with him (he slept the entire duration of our second leg after we took off) and the worst (before we took off on that leg, he was kicking the seat in front of him and then screaming at the top of his lungs when I held his legs down–it was a very long ten minutes).

But now that we are on solid ground with some time to relax at my mom’s house in Dallas, I’ve had a chance to think about all the places and sights I am going to miss in and around San Diego. It is an amazing place.

Palm trees in our neighborhood

Sunrise from the park

A few shots of the beach in our neighborhood, Ocean Beach, all taken after sunset on different days

The road up to the mountain town of Julian

Outside of Julian

Winery, Temecula, CA

Joshua Tree National Park

Moonrise in Joshua Tree NP

The Flower Fields in Carlsbad

San Diego waterfront

Point Loma Tidepools near high tide