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Toddler travels

I’ve been in the mood for black & white photos lately, and yet when I sit down to convert them, I just can’t bring myself to do it because the colors are so fantastic. Like in this one below that I shot of my son recently as we were wandering through O’Hare airport killing time between flights.

I’ll also throw in a couple (in b&w!) that I took in one of our hotels. He liked me to toss him on the bed over and over and over. He would scoot off as soon as I did and want me to do it again. And again. And again.


So I’m in Texas, right? And it’s spring, and bluebonnets are the state flower, and they’ve started to bloom. So we went out the other morning on a drive to find fields of bluebonnets for some photos. We got up nice and early (6:30 am!) to take advantage of the beautiful morning light, only to end up with major clouds and not a drop of sunlight anywhere. And there weren’t even many bluebonnets out yet in the area we went to! They were just starting to pop up…it was obvious that the fields are going to look amazing in another week or two, but for now, not a lot to see.

We managed to find at least one small good patch of them, so I plopped my son here and took a photo.

Looking ahead

I’m gearing up for a short trip to Dallas next weekend where I have a few mini-sessions scheduled, which I am so, so excited about! This is my first time combining travel and portrait sessions, but my good friend Alicia who lives there is helping organize the shoot, and she has been awesome with everything. I can’t wait to meet these kids.

Just one photo today…this is Lyle, looking a little sneaky as he squats on a bench.