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Back home

I said I’d update once a week, right? And I believe I’m slipping this one in just under the wire. It counts.

Vegas was a blast and I fit in all the things I’d hoped to, including a fantastic spa treatment at the Sahra Spa & Hammam at the new Cosmopolitan hotel there. I want to go back, like, now.

I’m gonna keep this short so I can get it posted before midnight. A few pics, starting with a self-portrait at the Vegas airport, waiting in line for a taxi. (I’m all about self-portraits.)


“Is it time to let the dogs out?”

This week I am in Vegas. My plans are to see a show, eat a good meal or two, visit a couple spas, and have some good cocktails. And fit in some time at the tables in between that. (And points to whoever recognizes the movie line in my title.)

I really dug back into the archives for this photo…this is from July 2003, looking down the Strip from my room at Mandalay Bay. Shot on film.


New year, new start

The Most Intelligent, Attractive, and Hilarious Blogger in the State of South Carolina, also known as my friend Stinky, is challenging herself to blog once a week, with a few rules. She’s a lawyer, so she knows how to make the right kinds of rules. I decided to challenge myself to the same thing. Same rules, too, since she already did the work of coming up with them.

I’m starting small. With snowflakes. It doesn’t snow much in Houston. (Understatement.) So I’ve been waiting a while to photograph snowflakes. We spent Christmas in Colorado, and I shot these with my macro lens on my MIL’s back deck as snow fell last Thursday. I used construction paper to catch them for some color & contrast so they would show up well.

Wine country

A few days ago I bought a deal on for a photo book from I’ve been wanting to try them out so their deal–$22 for $55 worth of books from Blurb–gave me the perfect incentive to try them.

So now I have to decide what kind of a book to make. Travel? A week in the life? A month in the life? Wines I try? Photo a day? What would you make a book of?

I haven’t posted here in so long that these photos are technically archives now. From our trip to Napa & Sonoma Valleys this past summer. It was my first time to visit Northern California’s wine country, even though it’s the best known in the U.S. I had previously visited wineries in lots of other states–Oregon & Washington, also known for good wine, but also some more unlikely states, like Colorado, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York. And even in Southern California when I lived there.

Well, people, I absolutely loved Napa. And Sonoma, although we only managed to spend one day there. There’s just so much. So much good wine to try. So much good food. So much good mud (I had a mud bath at a spa–they said it was good for the skin). So much to look at.

Vegas 2010

A couple weeks ago Jeff and I went to Vegas for a few days of playing. We try to go every year…it’s the only place I vacation that I keep going back to regularly. What I love about Vegas is that everyone (on the Strip, anyway) is on vacation, so you’re always surrounded by people who are just having fun. And I love how over-the-top it all is. It’s a surreal week in some ways but it’s so much fun.