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Indoor playplaces

The Children’s Museum of Houston is awesome. We have already been twice. We got a membership and it is obvious already that we are going to easily get our money’s worth out of this. It has a “Tot Spot” for babies and young toddlers, plus a dozen other fun exhibits like an old farm house, a school room, a grocery store, a TV studio, a science room, and an inventor’s studio. It’s super fun for kids and it’s fun for ME to not have to sit out in the heat at a playground.

Look at this

One of my favorite parts of coming home to San Diego after a trip was walking off an airplane and seeing all the beautiful palm trees right outside the airport. Palm trees are everywhere in SD! But I was not expecting to find palm trees in Houston. Check it out. These are right in front of a spray park where kids can play in water…it’s like a bunch of fancy sprinklers, just for kids!

And despite the crazy heat here in Houston right now, I am actually thinking about the holidays already. I’ll have some info soon about Christmas/holiday sessions.

Boys and girls

That big hurricane that the weather forecasters really hyped up? Turned out to mean a little bit of rain for a few hours in the afternoon, and nothing more. If I hadn’t known there was a tropical storm nearby, I’d never have any idea it was any more than just a typical Texas rainstorm.

Yesterday I met up for lunch with a friend I’ve known online for a while but had not met in person before. She lives in Delaware and was in Texas visiting relatives. She has a daughter the same age as my son. We met up at this cool Mexican restaurant called Lupe Tortilla that has a huge sandbox full of lots of fun sand toys on its deck. (Talk about a great marketing scheme for the restaurant…brilliant.)

Her daughter was kind of shy at first, and my son had no idea what to make of the whole thing at all–the fact that we sat down to eat with people he’d never seen before, that we kept asking him to hug the little girl, etc. (Her mom is a photographer, too, so of course we tried to engineer as many cute photo ops as possible.)

Then we asked Lyle to hold her hands…and this is what he did:

This is more what we were going for…

But then he decided he was all done with that.

It was great meeting you guys in person, and I hope we see you again the next time you come through Houston! 🙂

Welcome to Houston

We got to Houston on Friday evening. We spent a very intense weekend seeing a whole lot of houses. We put an offer on a house we loved this morning, but it looks like we’re not going to be able to agree on a price with the sellers after all. So we’re still searching.

But it looks like Edouard is welcoming us to Houston. And apparently one of the ways you prepare for a hurricane when you have a pool is to dump all the pool furniture into the water so it doesn’t blow away. The view from our 13th floor balcony:

New website

My new website is now live! Check it out. With a shiny new logo and everything.

This week has been crazy with moving stuff. We had the movers pack our stuff for us, which I thought would make it easier (and it did), but it was still stressful. And the movers were a few hours late getting here and then it took them until 1 A.M. to finish packing and loading the truck…AND they forgot a couple drawers in the kitchen! But it’s all out now, and the cleaners came today and worked their magic (and I highly recommend Maid in America for cleaning services if you need cleaners in San Diego).

And now I have to go out to dinner (can’t get this sparkling clean apartment dirty).