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Everyone’s doing it

Bluebonnets are big in Texas. A couple weeks ago, my mom came down from Dallas to babysit for me (nice, huh? a four-hour drive to babysit!), and the afternoon that she got here, we went out in search of fields of bluebonnets. This is the Texas equivalent of leaf-peeping in New England in the fall. Tons of people are out looking at bluebonnet fields, parking wherever good views are to be found, tracking the peak flowering on websites.

We also stopped at the Blue Bell Creamery in Brenham for ice cream. Lyle liked running around in the fields of flowers, but the ice cream was definitely the highlight of his day.

Action shots

I post a new photo of Lyle every day–taken that day–on my photoblog, CuriousLyle. I’ve never missed a day yet since he was born. A lot of people ask me how I manage to take a photo every single day. The answer is that I take my camera almost everywhere with me. I take it to fun stuff, like the children’s museum, playdates, walks around the block, but I also take it other places. I take it to the grocery store. (And as an aside, I get a lot of comments on the camera in grocery stores.) I take it to Target. I take it when I drive our glass recycling to the drop-off center.

Last month my mom came down to visit for a couple days over my birthday. She got a couple pictures of me in front of our house.

And here are the photos that I was shooting at the time.

Foggy morning

I have been dealing with a sick and VERY cranky two-year-old for the past few days, but luckily he’s over it now and he’s back to his happy self and I feel a little less crazy. Oy.

We have had some beautiful fog in my neighborhood the past few mornings. This morning after I dropped the (cheerful, happy, perky) kid off at preschool, I stopped to take some photos along the bayou that runs near our house. The bayou divides a fairly busy road. There are bike paths on either side of it, and a large median with lots of trees. Look how pretty it is.

Boston trip

Our trip to Boston was a very quick two days. Our Sunday morning flights didn’t pan out quite the way they were supposed to (one was canceled) and we couldn’t get rebooked until the next evening. So, we flew up on Monday, arriving around midnight. We flew back home Thursday, leaving around noon, so we could have had time to get up and do something early that morning, but we didn’t. We just hung out at the hotel. Tuesday and Wednesday we were out on the town having fun. Jeff was at a conference during the day, so Lyle and I were on our own most of the time. It was cold, and there was a lot of snow and slush on the ground, and Lyle didn’t like any of that one bit. But I think he had fun anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚

This was my first trip back there since I moved away 3.5 years ago. It was fun to go back to the familiar places.

One of the places we went there was the Children’s Museum, which featured this awesome three-story climbing structure made up of a series of ramps. Adults were allowed to climb on it, too! This thing was seriously the highlight of my trip.

And now I’m back in Houston with 80-degree weather and no pretense of winter anywhere. I had to turn on my air conditioner today because it was so hot and stuffy in here and the ceiling fans weren’t helping enough. And it’s only March!

Favorite place

Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows what my favorite place is: Colorado. And while I don’t live there right now, I still visit regularly, and I’m planning to increase the length of my visits in the coming years. I have been spending too much time away from the place where I really feel at home.

I don’t have details worked out yet, but I do plan to be in Boulder for part or all of June and/or July this summer. I am really looking forward to getting in a lot of hiking and biking and playing in the amazing Colorado outdoors. I’ll also be booking photo sessions there during that time. I’ll put up more details when I have them worked out.

And I will be posting here more. I mean it. ๐Ÿ™‚