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Well, this is embarrassing

It appears I have dropped off the face of the earth. I haven’t posted anything here in months, and considering I do no real marketing and my main form of advertising is word-of-mouth, not blogging is a critical mistake. I plan to change that in the coming months. For real.

For now, I will say Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and here’s a photo from earlier this week.

Birthday party

Lyle’s birthday party was a blast. We invited his friends from preschool plus a couple neighbors over to play in two inflatable kiddie pools in our backyard. We did it in the morning and served quiche, bagels, fruit, coffee, and juice. And oddly, it worked out that none of the boys we invited could make it to the party, so it was all girls except Lyle. How funny is that??

And we served cupcakes, of course.

Lazy afternoons

Two weeks ago I was in San Diego. Last week I was in Dallas visiting my mom and dad. This week, I am back in Houston, where the temperature is a sweltering 95 degrees right now and it is too hot to do anything outside except this.

Weekend in NY

People! How come I am SO BAD at updating this blog?? I hate that I am behind on posting session images. I know several photographers who post “sneak peeks” of pics the same day as they shoot the session. I wish this were me, but I have not managed it yet. (Or gotten anywhere close, really.) So…some more session images coming soon.

In the meantime, I managed to get away to New York City last weekend to visit some friends. I had so much fun, even though my feet were killing me because I stupidly chose to bring just one single pair of shoes–NEW shoes that I’d just bought earlier that week. Not smart!

Early Mother’s Day

On Thursday, Lyle came home from preschool with a present for me. He was very excited to give it to me. It was wrapped in pink and purple tissue paper and had a heart-shaped note attached. The note had his handprints on it and a note that said, “Happy Mother’s Day, Love, Lyle.”

“Open it! Open it!” he kept telling me. I told him we should wait until Mother’s Day, which wasn’t until Sunday. “It’s Sunday now!” he said. “It’s Sunday! Open it!” It’s hard to argue with logic like that, so I opened it.

I don’t think he understands the concept of giving a gift. He kept insisting he wanted to play with it, and I told him it was his gift to me and I wanted to set it in the window. He said, “It’s my gift! My gift! I play with it!” It’s still in the kitchen window, for now.

Happy Mother’s Day, a little bit early, to all of you!