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Status: 11:31pm

I am in the middle of reading two books. I almost reading them simultaneously. Like, I’ve been alternating between them this evening.

I have eleven tabs open in Firefox of things I intend to read before I shut down the computer and go to bed.

I have Word open because I intend to write down a couple thoughts. But I have all these things I want to finish reading first.

I have Photoshop open in case I decide to edit another photo or two this evening. I already chose and posted the daily pic for Curious Lyle, but I got a couple other pics today that I liked, too.

I really kind of just want to go to sleep.

But I can’t have a post without photos. (Let’s be real: I actually am impressed that I have a post at all.) But photos…

Gratuitous kid post

Things Lyle loves to do:

1. Play games. Uno, baby animal dominoes, tic tac toe, Sequence, Connect Four, Sorry! He’s a game fanatic.

2. Ride his bike. He’s been riding a balance bike for the past year, and he’s now learning to ride a big-kid bike (without training wheels). He needs help getting started but then he can ride faster than I can run. He thinks that’s hilarious.

3. Ice skate. Can’t get enough of it. He does weekly lessons. I think he’d be happy with daily lessons.

4. Play mini-golf. He holds the club more like a hockey stick and won’t hear of doing it differently, but he has a blast.

I’ve taught him well

It’s really cold in Houston (I mean, it’s all relative, but below freezing, which is rare for here) and everything shut down today for a snowstorm that didn’t actually hit. There was some ice, apparently, although not at my house. I’m disappointed there was no snow. Even if it was only a little bit, Lyle would’ve loved it.

I have been doing more cooking lately. (Usually that’s Jeff’s domain.) Tonight Lyle and I made a lasagna. Jeff got home from work while were assembling it, and he said, “Wait, I have to photograph this. You’re never in photos.” And I love it. I love having pictures of us doing things together…just normal things, not set up to be pretty or photogenic. I kind of wish I had my own paparazzi to follow me around and document my life but that would be weird. Wouldn’t it?


Bunny ears

I always want to remember little moments, little things about our daily life that I might not remember easily in the future. I’ve been trying to remember to take video of some of the more mundane events rather than just the momentous ones. Like Lyle asking, “Mommy, can we play a game?” Which he asks me at least every 10 minutes that we aren’t playing a game. It’s usually one of the first things he says when I pick him up at preschool each day. “Can we play a game when we get home?” (Luckily he’s at the age where at least some of the games are fairly interesting for adults–like Uno–so they’re fun for me too.) I think he could probably play games all day long, possibly without even stopping for food, which is saying a lot. Because the thing he says second-most often is “Mommy, I’m hungry.”

I also want to remember little details like how he carefully tucked in all of bunny’s paws when he sat with him on the couch today. What will he remember when he looks back at this photo some day?

The Julie project

Last night I came across an amazing documentary photography project. A project that covers 18 years and is tragic and horrible and beautiful at the same time. It’s pretty powerful, and I read through the whole project just before I meant to be going to bed, and then I had to stay up a while longer to decompress. It’s worth your time.

Check it out: The Julie Project

This morning, with that story still weighing on me, I told Lyle that I will always love him no matter what. Which I don’t think I’ve ever actually said to him before. I realized that. So I told him, and he asked, “No matter what? Even when I’m bad?” And I said yes, even when he misbehaves, I still love him. I don’t always like how he acts but I always, always love him. He told me, “Mommy, I’m so happy that you will always love me.” Always, always.