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New website

My new website is now live! Check it out. With a shiny new logo and everything.

This week has been crazy with moving stuff. We had the movers pack our stuff for us, which I thought would make it easier (and it did), but it was still stressful. And the movers were a few hours late getting here and then it took them until 1 A.M. to finish packing and loading the truck…AND they forgot a couple drawers in the kitchen! But it’s all out now, and the cleaners came today and worked their magic (and I highly recommend Maid in America for cleaning services if you need cleaners in San Diego).

And now I have to go out to dinner (can’t get this sparkling clean apartment dirty).

Last call

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that we are moving to Houston…we are in the process now of figuring out all the little details, like when the movers are going to pick up our stuff and how the three of us and our cat are going to get there (I do not relish the idea of driving for two days straight with both a toddler and a cat that gets carsick), and where exactly we’re going to be living once we get to Houston. So we haven’t sorted out exactly when we’re leaving San Diego, but it will be sometime in mid-July, which means I am only here for a couple more weeks.

But I can still fit in a couple more portrait sessions before July 5. That is my cut-off date to make sure that I have time to process orders and still be here to receive them back from my lab before we leave. So if you are interested please contact me NOW to schedule a session.

Big announcement

I am back in town finally for a while, at least. We were gone this past week again, but this time it wasn’t a vacation. This time it was a house-hunting trip in our new city. Yes, sadly we are leaving San Diego this summer. I LOVE living here and I am going to miss SD SO much, but my husband got basically his dream job, so we’re moving…

To Houston! (Where my husband will be on the faculty at Rice University.) Which maybe does not sound that exciting compared to San Diego (I know my first thought was, Houston?!? For real???) but actually it is a pretty cool city. I think we are going to like living there. Here’s our future Rice kid (no pressure, but he *does* get free tuition if he gets accepted…)

Go Owls!

Also, I changed the layout/design of this blog again. I wanted room for the pictures to be a bit bigger, and also the old design didn’t have a link to view older posts at the bottom, which always bugs me on other blogs. Let me know if you spot any quirks while viewing.

Cool albums!

First off, I hope everyone had a nice Mother’s Day. My almost-two-year-old made me a card with markers and rubber stamps (and a little help from Daddy). It’s so stinkin’ cute.

And now to the point…I’ve found a cool new company to use for albums. They make some gorgeous albums and I want to just buy them all. I’ve been drooling over them on the website for weeks trying to decide which ones to order. I finally chose, and my albums arrived this week. I love them!

First, here’s the one you get if you buy a session album. It’s a 5×7 album covered in a gorgeous brown leather.

And here’s the smaller gift album that you can add on to the session album or any collection. It is 4×6 and comes in a few different colors.

I think clients are going to love these. They’re so classy and cool and modern at the same time.


For those of you who have tried to place orders recently on my website and had trouble entering the coupon codes to receive your discount, I apologize. I have been in touch with the support person who created the software and he is working on fixing this bug. Hopefully it will be straightened out very soon. I’m sorry; I know it’s been a pain.

And for all clients–you can always choose to send your order by email or call and give it to me over the phone. The online galleries are meant to make things easier for YOU. If you don’t find it easier to order that way, email or phone is just as easy for me.