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New in houston

I know no one wants to read a blog that is rarely updated. Which is why I feel horrible about never updating. I like people to read what I write. So I guess I better start writing more so people have a reason to check often. 🙂

I have not photographed too many newborns yet, but I love them. Teensy, tiny, light-as-a-feather babies who are all curly and squishy and moldable…and did I mention tiny?!? It is hard to believe people start out life so small. Just one for now…six days old:

Family session

Ok…a couple of pics from my very last photo session in San Diego. I am trying to get everyone’s galleries up so I can get orders in so I have time to order from my lab and have them back in time to deliver them before I leave town. Whew. It’s coming up quickly. I move in TWO WEEKS, people. Hard for me to believe, really, but that’s a whole other post.

Here’s the S-H family. We did these on the grounds of the Marston House in Balboa Park, which is beautiful. I’ve got color versions of these, too, but I think I like the b&ws best.

Got newborn?

I love love love photographing newborns–capturing their tiny-ness and curliness that lasts only a few days after birth. I am looking to really bulk up my newborn portfolio, so I’m putting out a newborn casting call.

Are you pregnant and due in May or June? For your newborn’s photo session, you’ll get the session fee waived and 50% off print prices. I also have some gorgeous birth announcement designs available that are press-printed on high-quality cardstock–not photo paper. Everyone you send them to will rave. I promise!

Contact me before your baby is born; newborn photos are best done the first week–or two at most–after birth, and that way I can pencil you in to my schedule so I can plan to be free at the right time. Bring on the babies!

Newborn again, in color

I know I don’t update this enough! I’m going to start, I swear. I’m vowing to be a more prolific poster starting today.

I love love love photographing newborns! They are so tiny, and they grow so fast. I don’t think most first-time parents really appreciate the tiny-ness (I know I didn’t!) while it’s there. One day you look back and go, “No way. Was he really that little??” I want to capture this tiny-ness, because even one month later, that baby won’t look the same at all.

And a note to anyone thinking about newborn photos: within the first two weeks of life is the best time to capture the “curled” look. Call me when you’re still pregnant so I can pencil you in for the time around your due date. I come to YOU, because I know how tough it is to get out of the house those first few days.

Okay, on with the photos. These are from the same newborn session as the ones in the last post, in color this time. He’s 11 days old here.

11 days old

He was only 11 days old, but he already had a very strong personality and wasn’t afraid to let us know what he wanted (or didn’t want)! I’m not done proofing this session yet–still have a few more to do–but here’s a sneak peek for the parents.