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Last sessions in SD

I’m done with photo sessions for now. I will be setting up shop in Houston once we get settled there, but that’s going to be a few weeks out. We’ll be living in corporate housing (a short-term, furnished place so we don’t have to move our stuff twice) while we look for a house. I’m not sure how long it will take me to get set up there.

But on to the images! One of my best friends here is pregnant and due in November. She asked me to do some maternity photos of her before I leave. And even though she’s only about 20 weeks along, she’s already showing quite a bit (hello, second pregnancy!). Here are some of my favorites from our maternity shoot. (I know the first one has nothing to do with maternity–I just like it!)

It’s SuperMom!

I shot my first maternity session using my rented 12-24mm lens in Portland. I did a few with the 85mm, too, which is my favorite lens for shooting people usually. The first few images I took weren’t coming out as relaxed and natural as I wanted them to, so we decided to switch tactics. Instead we did some fun and goofy shots to loosen us both up and get ideas flowing. We shot on her front porch, in her bathroom, and in her sunroom.

These aren’t really the typical maternity shots, I know, and in fact in a few you can’t even really tell she is pregnant, but I love how they came out. In the first one she looks like SuperMom, doesn’t she???