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Some family shots

Next up, some family shots that I took in Portland. Here’s our pregnant SuperMom, and her daughter and husband. (And hey, did an extra toddler sneak into that last picture????) I am really on a B&W kick lately.

Two brothers

My best friend from childhood now lives in a city far away from me and has children of her own who I never see. In fact my trip to Portland was the first time I’d ever met her four-year-old at all. I’ve got to find a way to visit her more often, because that is just wrong. I did photograph her oldest when he was just a few months old, back when I shot film and did all my black-and-white printing in a darkroom in Boston. It was cool to see that they still had those photos hanging on their wall now, six years later.

Her boys are super cute and have tons of energy and lots of personality. There was really never a dull moment while I was there.

More from Texas

Here are a few more of my favorites from the sessions I did in Texas at the beginning of the month.

Mini-session sneak peeks

I’ve been on the East Coast for the past week. It was a good trip, but I am so happy to be home in San Diego again today. What an amazing place this is. I love seeing the palm trees outside the airport when I walk off the plane. It’s a nice welcome home.

I’m nearly done proofing the photos from the mini-sessions I did in Texas a couple weeks ago. I should have everyone’s galleries up within the next day or two. For now, here are some quick sneak peeks at what’s to come.


I’m home in San Diego now and I’ve had a chance to start proofing the sessions from last weekend in Texas. I have only barely begun, and I’m headed out of town again next week so it’ll take me a while to finish, but I just had to share this outtake from one family that I met. This poor boy was so shy and not up for having some random stranger take his picture. His sister tried to help out during one of the sibling shots. How funny is this???