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Photos at the J

Several weeks ago the marketing director at the JCC asked me to do some photos for a sports wall that someone bought (donated money toward). They wanted big images featuring some of the recreational sports they offer to hang on this wall, which is in a hallway outside the main gym.

People, I am no sports photographer. These were hard! But here they are in all their seven-foot glory.

And if you live in Houston, check out the J–they have some really great programs and camps.


A breakfast photo shoot

I love this photo shoot. We did these photos at a restaurant in midtown called Natachee’s that has awesome fried pickles and a patio and a sandbox for kids to play in. (Also cool–their kids’ meals are served in old-school metal lunchboxes.) It was a gorgeous day to be outside.


Outdoor session

A couple from another session…this one with an 18-month-old boy with very blue eyes.

I love photographing in people’s homes

This is one of my favorite sessions I’ve done yet. I always suggest to clients that we shoot in their home, but people don’t always want to. I like it because it’s them, it’s their stuff & their place, everyone’s more comfortable and relaxed and doesn’t feel as much like they have to “perform” while we’re out at a location specifically for photos.

I’ve gotten to know this family a bit over the past year, as our kids go to preschool together. The girls are so sweet, and their mom is one of the nicest women you will ever meet. I love the images we got from their session.

Manhattan family

They live in New York on the Upper West Side, a block from Central Park. The kids were a little shy at first but still came running down the hallway of their building to meet me as I came off the elevator, which was awesome. I shot a few photos in their apartment, and then as their mom encouraged them to get ready to go outside to do more photos, the little girl said, “But, Mom, she just took, like, FIVE pictures of me. Isn’t that enough?”