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Film Friday–week 1

The results of my first experiment going back to film are in. I shot these with my Nikon N80–my first SLR that I bought back in 2001–which had more than a little dust on it when I picked it up.

Shooting with a film camera was different than shooting with my D300. I shot more deliberately. I didn’t have immediate feedback from an LCD screen. I couldn’t later remember exactly what I’d taken pictures of already. I couldn’t break the habit of looking at the back of the camera after a shot.

I had them developed and scanned today. The scanning is a little sloppy–some photos look stretched and one has a random black bar at the bottom that’s not on the negative. I will try a different lab with my next roll. It’s also old film (expired in January 2007), which could explain the color shifts in some of the pics. I will experiment more, since I have a bunch more rolls of this same film. I’m posting every shot from the roll, although I ruined a few frames at the beginning of the roll when I had a problem with the mirror locking up that I was trying to work out. (Turned out to just be a battery problem.) So there are only 27 images. Click on the thumbnails below for the rest of the gallery.

Shot with my Nikon N80, 50mm f/1.4 lens, on expired Fuji NPH film. (A film that has been discontinued now, I learned this week.)