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Film Friday–week 5

I think this is my favorite roll yet. I am starting to get a better feel for this film, although I still get unexpected results sometimes. Not sure how much of that is me and how much is the fact that the film is expired. Or how much might be the scanning.


Film Friday–week 4

This week’s film pics. I am already getting a little bored with just taking random photos when I’m out. I’ve been trying to get variety on each roll, but that’s not at all how I shoot digital. I don’t take just one picture of something. Ever. So while I appreciate that film is making me think and be a little more deliberate about shooting, I don’t think I need to limit myself quite so much as I have been. Next week’s images may be a little more cohesive. Or they may not. I have no idea yet. I’m just babbling.

I’m still having doubts about Walgreen’s scanning quality. Some of this roll’s images, taken in similar lighting, came out pretty different–one way more contrasty than the other. I need to find someplace else to try.

Putting my favorite image of the week as the last one again. On the right side. Click on the thumbnails at the end to see the rest of the roll. (Also, a couple pics down, that’s my grandmother. She’s turning 90 this year.)


Film Friday–week 3

Another week, another roll of film. I try to stretch out the roll so that it lasts me all week. I don’t want to shoot it all in the first couple of days, but I this week I found myself saving too many frames for later, until I had to shoot most of the roll in just two days. Balance! It is challenging.

I kind of love this first photo, which came out way better than I expected it to. I did a few bathtub shots that night, only to remember after that because it was tungsten lighting I was probably going to have very yellow pictures, since my film is daylight balanced. If I shot these on my digital and left the white balance set to 5500K (daylight), they would have looked awful. Awful. (But of course I would set the white balance to something nicer looking, around 2850K, the color of tungsten light.) But what I don’t get is how these tungsten-lit photos can still look this good–there’s some yellow but it’s not awful–on this film. I actually like the effect here. My mind–it is blown.

My absolute favorite from this roll, though, is the very last one, on the right side. The little alleyway with strings of lights crisscrossing overhead–this was tucked away unexpectedly behind a restaurant. Houston needs more little places of character like this.

As before, all shot with the Nikon N80 on expired Fuji NPH. The rest of the roll is in thumbnails below.


This one is geeky

On last week’s roll of film, I did a little testing.

Film can handle overexposure much better than underexposure. (Which is the opposite of digital–with digital, it’s easier to blow the highlights.) Each roll of film is rated, according to the box, at some specific ISO. But it’s common for many photographers to set the ISO of their cameras lower than the box rating in order to slightly overexpose the film and get nicer negatives. Fuji NPH is box-rated at ISO 400, but I set it at ISO 200 for these first two rolls. Also my reading online tells me that with expired film, it’s common for the speed to be sacrificed, meaning it’s not uncommon to need to shoot at a lower ISO than the box says. Since I have a bunch more rolls of the same film, I wanted to test it to see what ISO I really want to be shooting at. I shot it at each of six different ISOs, adjusting the shutter speed accordingly so the meter told me I had correct exposure.

Based on these results, I decided to rate it at ISO 100 this week, because I like how that frame came out the best.


Film Friday–week 2

Another week, another roll of film. I am careful with it. I have to make the roll last the week (because that’s the rule!) and I know I have to show all the images from the roll (because that’s the other rule!), so I think more carefully about what I want each frame to be.

This week, I ate up a few frames doing some exposure testing to help me figure out how I want to shoot the rest of the rolls I have. I’ve left those out of this post. Here are my favorites from this week. Click the thumbnails below to see the rest of the images from the roll.

Same as last week…Nikon N80, 50mm f/1.4 lens, and expired Fuji NPH film.