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Film Friday–week 9

For this week’s roll of film I did something different. I shot the entire roll in one day as a day-in-the-life project. I used all 37 frames from morning to night on Sunday. It took a little planning, since I had to make sure I had enough frames to capture all parts of the day without running out or having any shots left over at the end of the day.

I pulled out some of my favorites here, and the rest are at the end in thumbnails, in chronological order. My day included a kid’s birthday party at an art studio, a food truck festival called Haute Wheels (better in theory than in practice–every truck had really long lines and in four hours we only managed to get food from two trucks! plus it was hot and I got sunburned–but the food we had was SO GOOD, I will be seeking out these food trucks in the future), and tacos for dinner on our back deck.

All on expired Fuji NPH.


Film Friday–week 8

Several shots on this week’s roll of film were shot out my car window. I was in the car stopped at a red light and saw a sign that I kind of liked and wished I could take a picture. The camera was in the seat next to me. I considered doing it. I thought I wouldn’t have time. The light was going to turn green at any second. But I wanted the picture. And the light was still not green. So I grabbed the camera, rolled down the window, and took the photo.

And then I thought, what if I took a picture out my window every time I am stopped at a red light? I passed several things that would’ve made cool photos, but of course once I wanted to hit red lights, I didn’t. I finally got stopped a couple times, but then I also went down some smaller streets with less traffic where I could stop at will in the middle of the street to get a photo. I was in the museum district/montrose neighborhood, which is one of my favorite parts of Houston.

This is still expired Fuji NPH but this week I rated it at 200 again. Little too overexposed the past couple of weeks at 125.


Film Friday–week 7

More film. Here are some of my favorites from this week’s roll. Some of these were shot out the window of the car (from the passenger seat) as we sped down the highway on a quick weekend trip to Dallas. (Even though we’d just been there a few days before…) I tried to keep the shutter speed fast enough to stop the motion of the car going 70mph. I kept it around 1/2000th or 1/4000th.

Some of these I loved at first glance. Like the one of my bed at night (which I shot with the camera on a tripod at 1/6th of second shutter speed, by the way). I am seriously in love with how this film handles tungsten light. And some of them I expected to love as I photographed them, but the image that came back on the CD wasn’t what I had envisioned. Still figuring out this film thing.


A comparison

Quick comparison. Last week I shot the same thing on both digital and film. I processed the digital file the same way I normally would. The film is a straight scan (from Walgreen’s). I like things about each one.

Film on top; digital on bottom.


Film Friday–week 6

I know I missed last week. I also didn’t finish a whole roll by last Friday anyway so it worked out fine. On my end anyway. Instead this one roll lasted two weeks.

Still working on Fuji NPH film that expired in January 2007.