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Napa, the film version

A couple weeks ago we were in Napa & Sonoma for a week of wine tasting, spa-ing, sipping cocktails (because at the end of the day I was too wined out to have more wine with dinner), hot tubbing, and swimming. (Lyle was in Colorado on his own vacation staying at his grandma’s for a couple weeks.)

I shot a roll of (expired) XP2 there.


Film Friday, one day late

I am late with these on purpose. Yesterday was Lyle’s fifth birthday, and I wanted this week’s film images to be from his birthday. We have a houseful of relatives in town for the weekend to celebrate. Two grandmas, one great-grandma, and his uncle are all here.

Happy birthday to my favorite kid ever!


New film

I tried a new-to-me film this time–Fuji 400H, which seems to be the replacement for Fuji NPH that I used to shoot. This film is fresh–not expired–because I wanted to make sure the skin tones looked good here.

This is Daniela.


Film Friday

Photos from this week…first some of Jeff & Lyle at the bayou, then some of Lyle & my mother-in-law Tuesday night at dinner. These are a mix of digital and film. It’s mostly film–all the black & whites–with some color (digital) thrown in. I love both.


Film Friday–week 10

I decided to switch things up and shoot black & white this week. This is also from my stash of stuff that has sat in closets for a few years. This is surely expired although I don’t know how long. Probably about as long as the NPH I’ve been shooting.

This came out less contrasty than I expected. I don’t know why…old film? poor scanning? No idea. I remember this being a fairly contrasty film. I boosted the contrast of a few of these just a smidge because they were just too flat for what I’d been envisioning when I shot them. And again, it’ll probably take me a few rolls of this to figure out how to shoot it for the way I like it.

Ilford XP2, rated at ISO 200.