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Brunch & leftover Hawaii

A few random film shots from Hawaii + brunch with a girlfriend.


Film Friday

Hermann Park before breakfast. On expired XP2.


Film Friday

Just back from nine days on Hawaii’s Big Island. Incredible vacation. I shot two rolls of b&w film (expired Ilford XP2) while we were there.

What you see that looks like smoke in a couple pictures is actually steam coming out of cracks in the ground from the volcano we were on. Rainwater seeps into the ground and gets heated up by the hot magma underneath. And some of it stinks like rotten eggs.


It’s not Friday but it is film

People, I didn’t actually shoot a single frame on the film camera this past week. But in the spirit of the film Fridays, I’m sharing these photos from lunch in La Jolla, California, a couple weeks ago when I went back.