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Film Friday comes on Saturday

I have missed a couple of film fridays, but that’s not because I’m not shooting it. I am sending out the rolls from the past couple of weeks to a pro lab, so it will take a couple weeks to get the scans. In the meantime, today I shot this roll of expired Fuji NPH out at the Menil Collection–an awesome free museum that does not allow any photography inside.

Film Friday | b&w at Menchie’s

Expired Ilford XP2, shot today after school at a visit to Menchie’s, Lyle’s favorite frozen yogurt shop. He likes it because he can put on lots and lots of toppings.

Film Friday | coffee shop meeting

Not many this week, for two reasons. First, I did not notice that this roll was only 24 exposures until it began rewinding in what I thought was the middle. I would’ve shot differently had I realized I had so few.

Second, this roll was disappointing. This is expired (way, way expired) Kodak Max, which was never a film that I loved anyway even when it was fresh. These were shot in low light indoors (tough situation for any film) but most of the images were underwhelming.

By the way, this coffee shop has the best paninis. Fioza Cafe on Chimney Rock, for the locals. SO GOOD.

Bringing back film Fridays

I haven’t been shooting much film lately, but that is about to change. I started this roll in Colorado but it turned out to be so cold the day I was out shooting that my camera’s shutter kept sticking. I didn’t pick up the film camera again while I was there after that day, but I did shoot the rest of that roll around my neighborhood this week.

Expired Fuji NPH. I think this is the last of my stash of this film.



A couple film images I really like that I came across tonight as I was going through some folders from last spring.