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Donna Before 8am

Sunday morning at Donna’s house. We shot this back in May, but time got away from me and I never got around to blogging them. So now as I’m about to start sharing a bunch of new before 8am sessions (I can’t wait!), I thought I’d go back and post this one to get things started.

Donna cracks me up because she has a very dry sense of humor and is very direct and she tells it like it is. She’s a interior designer with an art history background. Here’s a Sunday morning in her house.


Going outside to check on the ladybug house that they set up.


No ladybugs. 🙁


Only trophy animal head I’ve ever liked!


Making cinnamon rolls for breakfast.


Looking up what time the museum opens that they were planning to visit later.


A little modesty.


When you can be measured on the kids’ giraffe height chart. Short people problems. LOL.

Veronica & Matt


Another session from Boston. Veronica, her partner Matt, his twin daughters, and their new baby. I slept at their house, and we started shooting first thing in the morning when baby Maya woke up.

They have a great new (to them) house out in Concord, and a garden where they grow lots of stuff. Matt is a chef, and Veronica also loves to cook, and they were having a barbecue later in the afternoon with friends, so they spent the morning prepping for the party.