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Rhonda Before 8am

Rhonda and her husband have five kids, ranging from 15 to 1. (The baby was 10 months old at the time we shot this, which was back in January.) They live just south of Greeley, a town northeast of Denver on the plains. Their small town is also where they grew up. It’s not that far from me (an hour), but it feels so completely different out there. My Colorado is mountains and hills, but the whole eastern side of the state is as flat as Kansas. It made for a gorgeous sunrise over the snow-covered plains.

One thing that struck me about Rhonda was how family-centered her life seemed. She seemed to me to be someone who just really loved having a houseful of kids and taking care of them all.


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Leah H. Before 8am

Leah is a traveling nurse, usually moving to a new location every 3 months. But she and her husband decided to stay in Denver after she had an assignment here, so they chose to keep living in their temporary housing until they found a house to buy. She says her living situation feels very temporary (although they’ve been in this temporary apartment for a year now, still with just minimal furniture), and because of that she almost didn’t want to do this photo session.

But then she decided that this was a time that she won’t be able to get back, that this is the home her daughter knows right now, and that she’d like to be able to look back on this once they move out. So at the time we took these photos, they were living in a high-rise in downtown Denver, with this view out their living room window. We did this shoot on one of Leah’s days off.


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