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I’m home in San Diego now and I’ve had a chance to start proofing the sessions from last weekend in Texas. I have only barely begun, and I’m headed out of town again next week so it’ll take me a while to finish, but I just had to share this outtake from one family that I met. This poor boy was so shy and not up for having some random stranger take his picture. His sister tried to help out during one of the sibling shots. How funny is this???

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone!

Lyle’s Grandma flew in from Colorado this morning, and she brought a cool coloring book and markers for him. We had brunch at a restaurant at the beach…here’s Lyle (with coloring book) and his dad on Newport Ave. (the main shopping street in our beach neighborhood). And check out his cool new Crocs–he’s gotten so many comments on them and he’s only had them a week!

Hope everyone else had as relaxing a Sunday as we did today. 🙂

Family beach session

I am almost done proofing a session from the beach last weekend. It was overcast and a little chilly at the beach that afternoon, but no one complained about the cold. (Yes, I do realize that in most of the rest of the country, no one is even attempting to go to the beach in short sleeves at this time of year! We have it so good in San Diego!)

A couple of my favorites from last weekend…

A session in b&w

Just last week I photographed this family at Mission Bay. By the end the little girl was entertaining us all by making her fish face. She’s good at it, too!

Another shoot at presidio park

I went back to Presidio Park on another weekend to shoot little 16-month-old A and his family. They were willing to try anything I suggested, and I got one of my all-time favorite shots that day. I love this picture of A in the leaves!