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Film Friday

Photos from this week…first some of Jeff & Lyle at the bayou, then some of Lyle & my mother-in-law Tuesday night at dinner. These are a mix of digital and film. It’s mostly film–all the black & whites–with some color (digital) thrown in. I love both.


Here’s one I never posted

This is the same family from the restaurant shoot I posted a few days ago. I did a session with them back in the fall, too, at Hermann Park, which I never got around to posting because, well, I wasn’t doing much posting at all then, was I?

Same family, different day.


A breakfast photo shoot

I love this photo shoot. We did these photos at a restaurant in midtown called Natachee’s that has awesome fried pickles and a patio and a sandbox for kids to play in. (Also cool–their kids’ meals are served in old-school metal lunchboxes.) It was a gorgeous day to be outside.


Something new

I did this session last weekend in New York…my friend Julie just had a baby (six-weeks-old in these pictures) and asked me to do photos while I was there. I love combining photo sessions with travel so of course I said yes. And I love love love shooting in clients’ homes. We shot these in their Astoria apartment. It’s a small apartment, and the best light was in the bedroom, so we just all got on the bed for these. At the end I took them out on the balcony for a few.

I also wanted to try something new, and Julie agreed to be my guinea pig. I brought along a digital voice recorder and asked her to talk about how she felt about becoming a mom, how she felt like her life had changed with Vika’s birth, what she wanted to remember about this time. Then I synced the voice recording with the slideshow of images from her shoot. The video is about 3 1/2 minutes long.

This is Vika (Vee-ka, the Russian nickname for Victoria, which is her full name). She was born with a birth defect where her colon had not connected to her anus. So she has had to go through a few surgeries so far to correct this, starting with a colostomy–a rerouting of the colon to connect it with a hole in the abdomen wall, where they attach a bag that collects poop. You can see the bag in one of the images. After a couple more surgeries in which they will reconstruct her anus and connect the colon, the bag will be removed and she’ll be completely normal. Julie talks a little about one of the surgeries in the video.