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Meagan before 8am


Meagan’s morning started early, and I was barely in the door when her daughter suddenly appeared on the steps. A laid-back spring break morning as they get ready to go to gymnastics. My favorite of these photos is probably the series of the two kids going out the door, when her son gets pushed out of the way by his sister.

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Breonna before 8am


When I commented how quickly they all got ready, he said to me, “I don’t have to dress up for work, so my hardest decision is which shoes to wear.” LOL. Unfortunately the only shot I got of him putting on said sneakers was blurry. I didn’t take a second one b/c I didn’t think that photo really mattered anyway, and then he went and made that joke and I immediately wished I’d gotten a decent shoe one!


Breonna and her husband get ready for work simultaneously, sharing duties for getting their daughter ready, and then leave the apartment together, and he drops their daughter off at daycare on his way to work.

Talk about working in tandem…this morning went SO FAST. The whole thing took less than an hour, which is a record among the families I’ve photographed so far. (Although to be fair a couple of families chose to do sessions on weekends because their weekday mornings are super quick.)

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Amy before 8am


This is Amy and her daughter. She’s a teacher, but we did these photos on a weekend so the morning could be more relaxed. Her husband owns a cross-fit gym so he was headed out the door right as I arrived around 6:15am. Amy was up and doing laundry and prepping breakfast before Caroline woke up. On this morning they were headed to the zoo after breakfast.

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Jenn before 8am


This is Jenn, stay-at-home mom to three boys. I spent about 3 hours with them one morning, leaving as they left to run some errands. And–from the it’s-a-small-world files–we discovered after the session that Jenn’s husband and I had been following each other on Instagram for a while already. How random is that?

Kids are (understandably) fascinated to wake up to a stranger with a camera in their bedrooms. The parents warn them ahead of time but I still get a lot of interested stares and sometimes shyness at first (like from the oldest boy of this family). But everybody warms up to me, or forgets about the camera, eventually.

When I left, Jenn hugged me and said, “I feel like you’re my new best friend.” LOL! What can happen after you spend the early hours of someone’s morning with them.

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Andrea before 8am


What happens at Andrea’s before 8am. I knew I liked her when she emailed me a couple days before the session and asked if I would go with her to take her 5yo to school. YES! I will go anywhere with you.

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