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Mimi & Jacob’s Backyard Wedding

Mimi & Jacob’s intimate backyard wedding. They had six guests—both sets of parents, plus Jacob’s brother and his fiancee.

Mimi & Jacob have a 100-year-old house in Montrose, the cool, eclectic museum district of Houston. They had the short ceremony in their backyard (in the rain!), then went to dinner, then had a party at home where they’d invited all their friends & neighbors. Jacob’s dad officiated the ceremony.


One October day

Monday morning when I woke up, I decided spontaneously to shoot a DITL that day.

We got up early to hike. I love to get an early start—fewer crowds, not as hot, plus the feeling like you’ve accomplished something first thing.


Jeff gets snacks ready for the hike.


Shot out the windshield as I drove, hence the bluriness. This was actually the sharpest one by far. Love seeing this view every morning.


Very early on in the trail is this little hideout among the trees. It doesn’t look quite so much like a hideout when the leaves are off the trees, though. But in summer when these trees are full of leaves, you can step in here and it’s dark and cool and it feels secluded.


Today, we took the lower trail.


And then that trail hooked us up with the Royal Arch trail, which was our destination.


We made it! The Royal Arch.


Always lots of dogs on the trails, too. Lucky dog.


Here’s the little hideout again, this time in full sun.


And of course Lyle has to climb around on some rocks at the trailhead before we leave.


Next up, breakfast at Dot’s. This place is always crazy busy on weekends, so we were hoping that on a Monday there wouldn’t be a wait. And we were right…no wait. Yay Monday.


Owen Meany came downstairs to greet us when we got home.


Jeff & Lyle started a game of SkipBo.


And Owen Meany and I went upstairs to shower and nap.


I slept for a while and look who was beside me when I woke up. It’s Elphaba. You can’t see Owen here because he is literally right in my face. I’m shooting around him. That dark spot in the lower left corner is his back side.


I stayed in bed for a while reading FB after I woke up.


Eventually hunger drove me back downstairs, where I had chips & salsa at my desk. The cats came too.


Jeff & Lyle, ready to go out for the evening, waiting for me to be ready.


I did another blind photo out the windshield and mostly got the reflection of the dash.


Almost to my mother-in-law’s. I love living so close to family now. Being able to go to Grandma’s for dinner…priceless.


Lyle fell asleep on the drive there. (It’s only about 30 minutes.)


Her next-door neighbors—a 5yo and her mom—also came over for dinner. Ruby & Lyle have known each other since Ruby was born, and they love hanging out together when Lyle’s at Grandma’s. They sat together at a little table.


Grandma scooping ice cream for everyone for dessert.


And after dessert and coffee, we headed back home. I took only a couple more photos once we got home, and they involved Jeff in his underwear (as he was tucking Lyle in…get your minds out of the gutter) and they weren’t great photos anyway, so I left them out. You’re welcome.

Veronica & Matt


Another session from Boston. Veronica, her partner Matt, his twin daughters, and their new baby. I slept at their house, and we started shooting first thing in the morning when baby Maya woke up.

They have a great new (to them) house out in Concord, and a garden where they grow lots of stuff. Matt is a chef, and Veronica also loves to cook, and they were having a barbecue later in the afternoon with friends, so they spent the morning prepping for the party.

Julie & Nonna


A few (ok a lot of) images from a session I did in Boston at the beginning of August. Two sisters, their father, and their collective four kids.