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Debbie & Dani before 8am


Every morning she texts a photo of the baby to her husband at work and to her in-laws in Pennsylvania. There are more photos texted to the grandparents as the day goes on. And a video or two. The grandparents + great-grandmother love getting the photos throughout the day.


The second in my series of what happens in people’s homes first thing in the morning. Morning routines, ordinary moments, beauty in chaos, beauty in the mundane.

This is the morning in the life of a stay-at-home mom to one 11-month-old. Her husband leaves in the wee hours to go to work, before the two of them are up. We tried to time my arrival for a little before the baby usually wakes up, and managed to hit that just about exactly. I walked in the door and hadn’t even set my camera bag down when the first peep came from the bedroom. It’s a relaxing, slow-paced, mom-and-baby morning.

If you’re in or around Houston and interested in participating in this series, shoot me an email.

The Hixes before 8am


This is Nicole saying, “Oh that’s right, you ARE just going to photograph everything I do.”



What happens in your house before 8am? And do you think it’s interesting or beautiful?

First in a series of posts about what happens before 8am in people’s homes.

This is my friend Nicole, her husband, Sam, and their three kids–a 7yo and twins who are 4 1/2. Their last name is Hix…they call the twins the “Twix.” This particular morning the twins were getting ready for camp and the 7yo was getting ready for swim team.