A few more

A few more of this little guy. I loved photographing such a small baby. But don’t let these fool you–he was not asleep the entire time! It took lots of breaks and work on the mom’s part to keep getting him back to sleep after each time he’d wake up. Then we’d take a few more shots, and he’d wake up again. But all the waiting was worth it to capture these:

Tiny newborn

This week I got to photograph little 12-day-old Wyatt, who was absolutely adorable. I had so much fun photographing him! He was so precious, and so tiny! I haven’t finished proofing all the images yet, but I thought I’d put up a couple as a “sneak peek” for the parents.

Four months old

I was in Dallas over the holidays, and while I was there I managed to squeeze in a photo shoot with a new little Texan.

This little guy was a total trooper, letting me move him all around and place him in a bunch of different spots and never complaining once. He did start to get a little tired of the whole thing by the end, but not before I’d gotten a few cute photos of his adorable baby self!

I need models!

I need fresh faces for my portfolio! Want to do a photo shoot with me? I would love to photograph you, your kids, your grandmother, whoever you want to include!

I will provide you with a personal online web gallery of photos and one 8×10 print for free as a thank-you. And there’s no pressure to buy anything. If you are interested in buying additional prints, I am offering a 50% discount off the print prices listed on my website. You can also purchase a proof book ($25) that includes a 4×6 proof of each photo from your session in a spiral-bound book. (These will not be offered in the future!)

Here’s what a proof book looks like. This is a sample I did of a set of photos from a trip to San Francisco. It has a frosted front cover and a black back cover.

Something different

Last week I had a chance to try something I hadn’t done before…night portraits. This couple was in town for a conference, and the only free time they had was in the evening. So we decided to try some nighttime portraits, lit entirely by my flash and the lights in Seaport Village (a little village of shops and restaurants on the waterfront). It was definitely a challenge, but here are my favorites from the session.