Tricks with rocks

It’s hard to direct a 20-month-old. I sometimes have luck with other people’s kids, but my own? No way. He’s too used to the camera, I guess. Or too used to me. So I have to come up with ways to trick him to get him into the spots where I want to photograph him. (This doesn’t always work, but it’s good practice for working with other toddlers.)

A couple nights ago I set out these three rocks on our balcony. He brought these rocks in from the front of the building a while ago, and every few days he goes out on the balcony to play with them. I lined them up in a row, backed up with the camera in hand, and waited. A few seconds later, he came over to check them out. He stacked them up like this.

Not a portrait

I love Daylight Savings Time! I love it so much I don’t even mind losing that hour on Sunday, because having the light last later into the evening is glorious. We went to the park with our toddler yesterday evening, and as we got home I loved how the light was hitting this flower in front of our building. Happy Daylight Savings, everyone!

Family beach session

I am almost done proofing a session from the beach last weekend. It was overcast and a little chilly at the beach that afternoon, but no one complained about the cold. (Yes, I do realize that in most of the rest of the country, no one is even attempting to go to the beach in short sleeves at this time of year! We have it so good in San Diego!)

A couple of my favorites from last weekend…

Little sister

M is the little sister of the girl I posted photos of the other day. We took her down near downtown around the Little Italy neighborhood for some photos, but we had to work quickly. Toddlers don’t have a lot of patience for photo shoots, but even more than that, my own toddler was wreaking havoc at my friend Kim’s, so we didn’t want to be gone any longer than necessary.

So it was a quick photo shoot, but I think she’ll be very happy with these photos!

New favorite!!

Last week my good friend Deborah was in town visiting from Oregon and asked me to photograph her daughter. First there was the novelty of photographing someone old enough to follow direction and look at the camera when I asked (wish I could get my toddler to do that!). Second, she’s gorgeous, and who doesn’t want to photograph pretty people? And third, ohmydog will you look at this picture?? I think this might be my new all-time favorite portrait I’ve taken.

I also love this one of her jumping.