For those of you who have tried to place orders recently on my website and had trouble entering the coupon codes to receive your discount, I apologize. I have been in touch with the support person who created the software and he is working on fixing this bug. Hopefully it will be straightened out very soon. I’m sorry; I know it’s been a pain.

And for all clients–you can always choose to send your order by email or call and give it to me over the phone. The online galleries are meant to make things easier for YOU. If you don’t find it easier to order that way, email or phone is just as easy for me.

Moms’ night out

Last night I went out with some other moms of toddlers–without the toddlers. It was a nice break from toddlerhood, but what do moms do when they get together? Talk about their toddlers. Of course!

We went to happy hour at the wine bar in our neighborhood and sat on the patio, enjoying a fantastic spring day in San Diego. Of course, I brought my camera. (Sometimes I think I should get a little pocket-sized point-and-shoot so I don’t have to lug my big beast of a Nikon around to events like this…)

And we were still there long after the sun set…

And I don’t know if we all had a little too much to drink or what, but by the end of the night there was talk of doing a group toddler photo shoot at the beach…with ALL the toddlers, together, in one spot. It’ll be like herding cats, but boy it will be cute!!!

Got newborn?

I love love love photographing newborns–capturing their tiny-ness and curliness that lasts only a few days after birth. I am looking to really bulk up my newborn portfolio, so I’m putting out a newborn casting call.

Are you pregnant and due in May or June? For your newborn’s photo session, you’ll get the session fee waived and 50% off print prices. I also have some gorgeous birth announcement designs available that are press-printed on high-quality cardstock–not photo paper. Everyone you send them to will rave. I promise!

Contact me before your baby is born; newborn photos are best done the first week–or two at most–after birth, and that way I can pencil you in to my schedule so I can plan to be free at the right time. Bring on the babies!

Toddler travels

I’ve been in the mood for black & white photos lately, and yet when I sit down to convert them, I just can’t bring myself to do it because the colors are so fantastic. Like in this one below that I shot of my son recently as we were wandering through O’Hare airport killing time between flights.

I’ll also throw in a couple (in b&w!) that I took in one of our hotels. He liked me to toss him on the bed over and over and over. He would scoot off as soon as I did and want me to do it again. And again. And again.

Mini-session sneak peeks

I’ve been on the East Coast for the past week. It was a good trip, but I am so happy to be home in San Diego again today. What an amazing place this is. I love seeing the palm trees outside the airport when I walk off the plane. It’s a nice welcome home.

I’m nearly done proofing the photos from the mini-sessions I did in Texas a couple weeks ago. I should have everyone’s galleries up within the next day or two. For now, here are some quick sneak peeks at what’s to come.