Rhonda Before 8am

Rhonda and her husband have five kids, ranging from 15 to 1. (The baby was 10 months old at the time we shot this, which was back in January.) They live just south of Greeley, a town northeast of Denver on the plains. Their small town is also where they grew up. It’s not that far from me (an hour), but it feels so completely different out there. My Colorado is mountains and hills, but the whole eastern side of the state is as flat as Kansas. It made for a gorgeous sunrise over the snow-covered plains.

One thing that struck me about Rhonda was how family-centered her life seemed. She seemed to me to be someone who just really loved having a houseful of kids and taking care of them all.


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Lindsey Before 8am

Another Before 8am. Sunday morning at Lindsey’s. She grew up in Dallas and her husband is from Sao Paolo.

Hanging out at home, making breakfast, nothing big. Just a few baby yawns and a tutu and some crazy static electricity.


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May 1st Bear Peak climb

On the first day of May, I climbed Bear Peak (8459′ at the summit) with a friend during an epic snowstorm. It was the most wintery ascent I’ve ever done (of any mountain), and it happened in May. Boulder, I love you.


Just a week later all that snow was gone and I was back up on Bear Peak on a beautiful, clear day that looked completely different.