Action shots

I post a new photo of Lyle every day–taken that day–on my photoblog, CuriousLyle. I’ve never missed a day yet since he was born. A lot of people ask me how I manage to take a photo every single day. The answer is that I take my camera almost everywhere with me. I take it to fun stuff, like the children’s museum, playdates, walks around the block, but I also take it other places. I take it to the grocery store. (And as an aside, I get a lot of comments on the camera in grocery stores.) I take it to Target. I take it when I drive our glass recycling to the drop-off center.

Last month my mom came down to visit for a couple days over my birthday. She got a couple pictures of me in front of our house.

And here are the photos that I was shooting at the time.

Maria H - it’s always so fun seeing pictures of yourself shooting. Love those last ones, he’s too cute.April 2, 2009 – 3:22 pm

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