about the photographer

Because your everyday life is not as ordinary as you think it is. Because your children are growing up too fast. Because sometimes you lie in bed at night thinking life is going too quickly.

I am a documentary-style photographer focused on capturing unscripted moments in your life.

I have always loved the little things—the visual underdogs that most people pass by without a second thought.  My fascination with photography started as a child, and my family and friends sometimes questioned what in the world I was doing when it looked crazy or random, until they saw the shot.

Eight years ago when I was pregnant with my son, Lyle, I made a commitment to photograph him every single day. CuriousLyle was born the same day Lyle was. (Literally—I finished designing the site the day I went into labor.) I looked for not merely a portrait of him, but a moment of his life—an image that could bring me right back to that day. Thousands of photographs later, that project is still going strong.

Through this project, I am compelled to find the interestingness in my life—the little bits and pieces of my everyday—and it brings me back to my love for the little things. Even if things aren’t perfect (and when are they?), I appreciate what I have right now.

Through my photography, I want you to see and appreciate the significance in the mundane, in the everyday, in the fleeting. To me, that is life.

What’s next?

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