New in houston

I know no one wants to read a blog that is rarely updated. Which is why I feel horrible about never updating. I like people to read what I write. So I guess I better start writing more so people have a reason to check often. 🙂

I have not photographed too many newborns yet, but I love them. Teensy, tiny, light-as-a-feather babies who are all curly and squishy and moldable…and did I mention tiny?!? It is hard to believe people start out life so small. Just one for now…six days old:

Liz Cave - I’m reading, Karen, and even subscribe to the blog in RSS!

Please, though, please update more. I love your photography – and words – and am always excited to see when you post something.

PS. Love the photo. There is nothing in this world as sweet as listening to the snuffly noises from a newborn baby’s nose.December 10, 2008 – 9:40 am

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